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The Community will Collaborate to end Conflict.

Justice flourishes under the shadow of law and order. Inclusive access to Justice is a prerequisite to achieving all other sustainable goals. The current system of law and order (the Judicial or Litigant system) is a well-established system, providing a structural basis for dispensing justice. However, in its processes, content and access it is far from the people seeking dispute resolution.

What we Do

The Largest Community Mediation Project covering 1336 villages.

CMFI is undertaking the largest experiment in the world in setting up a community mediation system covering over 1336 villages spread over 10 CD blocks. 


We have a target to train over 1000 community Mediators over the next 3 years


We are proud to be part of the process of creating Laws relating to Community Mediation in India.


Take a look at the Various White Papers relating to Conflict in Society.


Currently, our two extensive projects in Jharkhand and Rajasthan are paving the way to an ADR revolution.


Collaborative Dispute Resolution

Nari Adalats

An amazing experiment where women help other women with their family and social disputes.

Consumer Forum

Finally, rules are being framed to help the Consumer get speedy Justice through Mediation.

Community Mediation Guidelines

Stay updated on the current state of Community Mediation around the world.

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